July 14, 2005

The Rise of Open Source languages

Tim O'Reilly talks about trends in computer language book sales, which corespond well to the popularity of said languages, in cluding a graph.
Back to the graph, you can see that sales of books on C# have leveled off, while books on C/C++ have seen something of a resurgence along with Java. PHP book sales have also leveled off, while Python has continued to gain ground against Perl, and we're perhaps seeing the beginning of an uptick in Javascript book sales, driven no doubt by interest in AJAX.
the C# and .NET hype is beginning to wear off and poeple are seeing it for what it is, a minor improvement on Java without it's cross platform abilities. So C# levels off in interest to only Microsoft lovers, and .NET as a whole starts to sink. Perl also has started to sink, heading towards growing Python, but it has a long time to go yet. I don't mind Perl sinking in popularity the idea of More Than One Way To Do It strikes me as very inelegant and likely to lead to very ideocentric code that cannot be understood by anyone else.


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